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Famke Janssen


Thursday, November 05 1964


50 years, 5 months, 7 days


Amstelveen, Netherlands [ view ]

Eye Color:


Hair Color:



5' 11.5"



Famke Janssen [ Person, Actress, Model ]

Famke Beumer Janssen began her path to fame as a fashion model. Her first contract was with Elite Model Management through which she landed work for Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, and Victoria's Secret. She did get a starring role in a commercial for the perfume Exclamation by Coty.
Famke would eventually retire out of modelling in the early 1990's and get guest roles in various television series. Famke would eventually land her first movie 'Fathers & Sons' alongside Jeff GoldBlum.
She would do a few more movies before landing her most famous role to date. Jean Gray in the movie series X-Men.


Famke talks about X3 and hers dog...

Famke Janssen. From: RPM.

March, 1997.

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NIPTUCK Sean McNamara and Christian Troy are two plastic surgeons running a partnership in Miami, Florida with different issues to life. Sean is a wishywas...  Famke Janssen Interview  'The Wolverine' Based on the celebrated comic book arc, this epic actionadventure takes Wolveri...

Famke Janssen interview Goldeneye Bonus disc.

MIPBlog spoke to Eli Roth notably director of Hostel horror films and Famke Janssen Goldeneye, The XMen, NipTuck about Hemlock Grove, the latest Netfli...

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Paul Salfen asks Famke Janssen about the return of Jean Grey in the Wolverine 2013: More at AMFM Magazine:

Was verbindet Famke Janssen mit XMen? Findet es heraus im moviepilot MindScan  Wenn dir unsere Videos gefallen, abonnier doch unseren Kanal : http:w...

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INTERVIEW  Famke Janssen on being in the film, working with Hugh Jackman, on the franchise at 'The Wolverine' UK film premiere at Empire Leicester Square on...

Famke Janssen Interview, Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters  According to Famke Janssen there's nothing like playing bad in a movie. She gets to play the most e...

ava moor dans niptuck.

The Bond girl discusses her start as a model and an actress and her upcoming work. The Post Got It Covered: Twitter: http:twitter.comnewyorkpost Facebook:...

Famke Janssen X Men, 007 and Dougray Scott MI2, Desperate Housewives have a bit of fun at the Toronto Red Carpet Premiere Enjoy the video www.TheArtsSc...

Don't forget to subscribe http:bit.lyXP2cYg In this spin on the fairy tale, Hansel & Gretel are now bounty hunters who track and kill witches all over th...

A multitalented actress, Famke Janssen has most recently taken on the role of FBI agent in the fascinating true story of The Chameleon. You loved her in XM...

At Cannes, Famke Janssen talks about her move into writing and directing as well as acting.


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